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Our mission

Inspired by Spain, made in USA

Palmia is much more than a refreshing, naturally lemon-infused light beer. It’s our 96 calorie love letter to good taste. Inspired by adventures on the coasts of Spain, our dream was to bring a new choice to the light beer market, a lager that demonstrates superior flavor and offers a long-overdue alternative to all of the other watered-down big beer brands.

Whether you find yourself relaxing at the beach or just spending time with friends after work, Palmia wants your time and your beer to be of the highest quality.

Palmia is not just a summer brew. It’s a light beer made by people who understand that having a good time isn’t seasonal and, most importantly, should never be bland. Palmia enters the market poised to take you in flip flops or high heels to the center of the party…because it’s all about attitude!

Our commitment is not simply to provide our customers with a satisfying drinking experience, but a lifestyle. We believe in the endless summer and we’ve bottled it.

May your glass always be full.

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